Solid Clay Bricks

A solid masonry unit of clay or shale formed or extruded into a rectangular prism while plastic and fired to high temperature (up to 2000F) in kiln. Clay or shale bricks is ceramic product.

Brick is Energy Efficient

The natural density and thermal insulating qualities of clay moderate building temperature and reduce energy consumption rates, to provide year round comfort and savings.

brick is low maintenance

Bricks don’t need paint or other treatments to maintain aesthetics and durability. Even after 50 years they save you on the cost and time required to upkeep your home, compared to lighter weight materials.

brick is weatherproof

The most endearing quality of a brick home is its ability to withstand the test of time. Forget about painting, sealing or other high cost finishes; brick is weatherproof and has virtually no maintenance.

brick is creative & colourful

For creative colour and design, think brick. From striking rich chocolate to glorious vintage red, creamy almond or golden light sand, even shiny metallic or smooth pastel palettes, the natural earthy tones of brick is perfect in any setting.

brick is an Investment for Life

As one of the world’s most sought after and trustworthy sources of sustainable building materials, the quality construction, quiet calm and ageless appeal of a solid brick home will protect your family for generations to come.

brick is Sustainable

Durable, re-usable, free from contaminants and naturally resistant to pests or fire, brick is safe to live in, making it the ultimate material in responsible and economical home building design.

brick is The building material of choice

Building with brick is cost effective and easy to work with, and without the need for expensive rendering brick is the original building material of choice.

brick is Style & Design

Bricks add distinct style to any type of home. Their natural colours and textures enable you to create striking façade contrasts or more traditional neutral colour tones.

Solid Clay Bricks

clay bricks Reduce noise

Clay bricks are an ideal way of insulating buildings against noise. Their insulation capacity is well known in the building industry. The noise reduction achieved will be determined by whether the wall is a single wall or a double wall.

Clay bricks help regulate interior temperatures

Clay bricks absorb and retain heat during the day which helps with keeping the building cool. In contrast during the evening this retained heat is slowly released and as a consequence maintains the interior temperature at a fairly comfortable level.

Clay bricks are fire resistant

Since clay bricks are fired at such high temperatures during the manufacturing process it basically renders them incombustible. Therefore a brick wall will aid in mitigating the spread of fire as well as be resistant to collapse when exposed to fire.

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